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We all need to reach out directly to Members of Congress as soon as possible in support of adequate appropriations for the Social Security Administration (SSA). As you know, SSA’s disability hearings backlog is now at record levels, with over 1 million people waiting over 575 days, on average. The human cost of this backlog is horrific as people with disabilities struggle to pay their bills, get the supports and services they need, and make ends meet while waiting. Without adequate funding, this crisis will only become more severe.

President Obama has requested funding for 2017 that would allow Social Security to begin reducing the disability claims backlog and to reduce other agency service delays.

Call your Members of Congress. Tell them:

• I urge you to vote to fully fund the Social Security Administration’s operating budget, at the levels requested in President Obama’s 2017 budget.
• Today, over 1 million people with disabilities are waiting over 575 days on average for a hearing on their Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability claims. This is an all-time high. Most people have little to no income while waiting for a hearing, and run the risk of financial ruin and worsening health the longer they wait.
• Social Security’s operating budget has been reduced by 10 percent from 2010 levels. Any further cuts will lead to even longer, more devastating waits and reduced service to the public.
• Americans cannot afford a Social Security Administration that is underfunded and understaffed.
• Please ensure that Social Security’s operating budget is fully funded for 2017 at levels the President has requested.